Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration Service

Migrating to a new CRM system can be a difficult and time-consuming task that requires a lot of time and internal resources. We understand that you want the benefits of a new CRM system that will work better for your organisation; however, you don’t want the headache of having to safely and accurately extract and blend incompatible data, merge sources, create new fields, and test and run a full migration.

That’s where Perfect Image comes in. We take away the hassle and risk of migrating and assume the full responsibility of ensuring your data is handled safely and efficiently.

We can assist you no matter what your situation, which can include an effortless move from:

  • On-premise to cloud CRM solutions (either hybrid or pure cloud)

Most on-premise solutions can’t offer the same availability , resilience and back up that the cloud can, in case disaster strikes. This also provides numerous cost benefits; avoid Capex and pay on an affordable and flexible monthly basis.

  • Data warehouse(s) to on-premise or cloud

The cloud is scalable for seasonal changes in demand of computing and processing power, users and storage. It is also extremely secure and compliant with data security regulations for sensitive customer data.

  • Data from different systems into one cohesive source

You don’t have to feel trapped by the many systems you currently use. We can provide ways to streamline your CRM, unify the data and simplify business processes to optimise the way your business runs.

  • Expensive bespoke CRM systems to a simplified CRM solution

No matter how expensive and highly bespoke your CRM system is, there are always options for an upgrade. Our experienced CRM team are on hand to help create and upgrade any customisations you require, and migrate your data into an accessible, easy-to-use Dynamics CRM.


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A Stress-Free Migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365

1. Efficient, Consultative Approach

Our proven requirements gathering method means we can work with you to plan exactly what data your organisation needs to migrate and from which systems, and how it will be merged into one cohesive system. This will create the most efficient platform for your business.

  • We aren’t limited by the type of CRM system you currently have
  • Lessens the risk of migration and works in a way that suits you

2. A Flexible and Risk Adverse Approach to Migration

We significantly reduce the effort required to migrate data by over 50% as a result of combining a proven delivery method with our specially adapted migration tools – this also means that potential costs are halved.

  • Migrate data all at once or with a phased option to gradually retire the legacy systems
  • If your schema has changed, or there is other mapping required, we can manage this process
  • Creation of specific or bespoke connectors to any of the major platforms

3. Addition of valuable cloud services

Take full advantage of a high value platform that we can fully integrate with a range of valuable cloud services offered by Microsoft for a comprehensive, all-encompassing system that increases productivity.

  • We can upgrade existing customisations or create effective new ones
  • Introduce data into Dynamics 365 that is held in other line of business systems

4. Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Your IT Stack

Chances are that Dynamics 365 is just a portion of your application portfolio and you plan to use one of its other applications, alongside solutions from several other vendors. Pre-built connectors to the world’s most popular business systems to bring together your data from anywhere and everywhere, including CRM, ERP, marketing automation, data storage, and business intelligence systems.

  • Our team of certified data analytics experts can deliver and implement powerful BI platforms to better understand your data and business
  •  We provide a solution to unify all of your applications


Why Choose Perfect Image?

Years of experience with effective migration

Perfect Image is a specialist Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner that can provide end-to-end solutions built on Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint and Azure. For many years we’ve been migrating on premise CRM systems to Dynamics 365 (previously Dynamics CRM Online), and in this time we’ve honed the process down to be as quick, easy and hassle free as possible for you. Everything we do is carried out in a risk-adverse way to ensure your data is safe in our hands.

Long-term partnership approach

We do more than migrate your data – we’re here to support your business and to help you grow in the long-term. As end-to-end IT solution providers, we also deal with optimising or implementing ERP systems, infrastructure, and Business Intelligence platforms to help gain a better understanding of data and how to improve.