Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan Subscriptions

Dynamics 365 has a number of plans and involve the grouping together of Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow with core CRM modules such as Service, Marketing, Sales, Field Service and Project Service Automation (PSA). Many users require the flexibility to utilise pieces of functionality in multiple apps – Dynamics 365 now delivers this.

Plan 1 business apps (Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, PSA) has one portal license included and the storage has been increased from 5GB to 10GB per tenant. In addition to this, further storage is received when adding users (5GB per 20 Plan or app users.) A 40-user company will now get double the storage (20GB instead of 10GB).  Social Engagement will also be included with each of the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plans and the Enterprise Plan 1 business applications.

The inclusion of Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and the Microsoft Common Data Model means Dynamics 365 offers the ability to create mobile apps that harness data from Office 365, Sales, Operations, and third-party applications. This common application platform helps simplify data management and integration across apps and business processes.

Dynamics 365 also rewards organisations with tiered pricing for Enterprise edition Plan 1 and Team Members.

Full users vs Light users in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has two licensing models:

Named user subscriptions, which classify users into two types – full user and light user:

  • Full users need access to the full range of rich features and functionality in business apps. These are people in roles/functions like sales, customer service, finance, and supply chain management.
  • Light users (team members) typically consume data or report from line of business systems and complete tasks like time and expense entry or HR record updates. In Dynamics 365 licensing, a light user is licensed with the Dynamics 365 for Team Members subscription.

Device licensing, available for the Enterprise edition, for shared device scenarios