Scribe provides a suite of on-premise and cloud-based integration tools, allowing data to be exchanged between line of business systems. Utilising an extensible set of connectors, Scribe can connect to a variety of data sources, including CSV files, SQL databases and specific applications such as Dynamics CRM, Dynamics 365, SAP and Dynamics ERP. Scribe provides a cost effective, rule-based solution that can be used in high volume transaction environments to cleanse and transform data. Multiple licencing options are available to support everything from complex, permanent integrations, to one off data migration.

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

The “Connector for Microsoft Dynamics” provides a robust, off-the-shelf tool for integrating CRM with any one of the three Microsoft Dynamics ERP products: GP, AX and NAV. The connector provides out-of-the-box functionality allowing for two way integration of: customers, products, orders and invoices. The standard integration can be extended by adding in new data maps or through bespoke development.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals

CRM holds a wealth of customer data, however maintaining this data can be a significant administrative overhead. Through utilising Dynamics 365 Portals, CRM functionality can be extended, allowing customers to self-serve and maintain their own data. Perfect Image have a proven track record in providing deeper, personalised portals experiences.


Whilst documents can be stored in CRM, it does not provide robust document management. Instead, Microsoft provide a free integration solution allowing your business to leverage the rich document management capabilities of SharePoint directly within CRM. All native SharePoint functionality such as versioning, metadata, content types and workflows are available within the CRM interface. Additionally, CRM will automatically handle the placement and creation of document locations within SharePoint based on information captured within CRM.

CTI system

Telephone Systems

In a busy call centre environment, presenting the correct customer record to the operator can prove invaluable and streamline inbound and outbound call processes within your business. Automatically identifying the inbound caller and presenting the operator with their details will improve customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction. By automating the process of capturing inbound and outbound calls, you can improve your reporting and identify training needs or bottlenecks. Perfect Image work with a range of CTI solutions and would seek to work with you to assess which would be most suitable for your business.

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