Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Memberships

This highly customisable strategic membership solution can improve renewal rates, better engage members, and attract more sign ups. Perfect Image is here to tailor this intelligent, value-add solution to your exact business needs.

Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with the full suite of Microsoft licences and apps for a user-friendly, familiar, end-to-end solution. For industries including not-for-profits, clubs, educational institutions, Trusts, charities, professional bodies, unions and many more, this powerful system is the membership system that can drive the transformation of your membership and subscription renewal process. It is perfect for marketing management, fundraising, finance management, grant management and committee management, whether that is for individuals, companies or a combination of both.

By integrating the apps in the Dynamics platform, such as MarketingCustomer Service, Field Service and Sales you can deliver the best customer service possible. Perfect Image has a great deal of experience with architecting and delivering advantageous solutions for membership organisations. Dynamics 365 is a cloud-hosted membership solution. We understand your industry’s needs, and we work with you to help you achieve your goals of reducing business costs and improving customer satisfaction.

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Why Use Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Attract New Members

Boost the registration rates of new members by targeting the right people at the right time with a robust membership database solution. Benefit from advanced event management to capture potential leads’ attention. Segment customers based on loyalty, interests and location for more effective marketing lists, and create directed campaigns for higher quality lead generation and pipeline management.

Engage Current Members

Understand customer preferences for more meaningful and successful relationship management. Build lasting relationships with your members using targeted and easily personalised communication. With a membership management tool such as self-service membership portals, and social media integration and analytics, you can learn from, and respond to, members’ opinions and needs.

Increased Membership Renewal

Utilise timely communication and automatic renewals when membership expiry is near, to retain members. Gain a 360 degree view of customers and a full history of activities, purchased products and attended events for tailored upsell opportunities.


Integration with your Key Systems

ERP systems

Dynamics 365 can be integrated with your existing accounting solution, or natively with Dynamics GP, to improve productivity and reduce administration.

  • A more insightful view of the financials for each member and the whole organisation
  • Effortlessly create flexible billing plans to suit each member
  • A single method of processing all sales for products and services

Data analytics systems

For competitive businesses today, data is key. We can help you choose the best-fit BI solution for your membership CRM, or we can integrate your existing data analytics platform. Easily connect data sources and prepare data, then quickly create intuitive and rich reports that you can interrogate for a better understanding of KPIs across your whole organisation. Discover the actionable insights you need to make fast, data-backed decisions.


How Perfect Image Can Help

Perfect Image is a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 25 years of experience in architecting a wide range of end-to-end IT solutions that drive transformation. Dynamics 365 is one of the best membership management products, and we can help to tailor it to your exact business needs. We can help you with the training and education of your membership software to ensure efficiency and productivity. Starting from how your organisation currently runs, we work with you to fix issues and optimise processes, and to ultimately deliver a transformational solution. We are a trusted and specialist membership solution provider.


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