Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Healthcare Organisations

Success in the healthcare industry is defined by the quality, speed, and accuracy of patient information. With information coming from multiple disparate sources, it can be challenging to align this data and make it readily accessible.

Harnessing this extensive industry knowledge, Perfect Image has developed bespoke case management solutions using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 platforms. Leveraging historical customer interaction insight held within Microsoft Dynamics, Perfect Image supports public sector and private healthcare organisations to make empowered decisions based on the intelligence provided by unified information sources.

In healthcare, confidentiality is paramount – rendering data integrity and security a top priority. Our CRM offering is built around Microsoft Dynamics, meaning our customers have the peace of mind of enterprise-level security. This includes Microsoft’s Cloud Security Alliance, transparency for our customers around where, what and how their data reside, who accesses it, and its compliance with world-class industry standards, verified by third parties. With Perfect Image, your data is perfectly safe.


Why Choose Perfect Image?

Microsoft Dynamics from Perfect Image provides greater information insight, allowing professionals to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on patient care. By placing patients back into the heart of care, private healthcare organisations will be equipped to serve patients better than ever before; the result: greater client loyalty, increased referrals, and a service that helps you stand out ahead of your peers. Optimised case management, enhanced patient experience, greater employee efficiency, improved SLA management; together Perfect Image and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you stand out from an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

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