Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Marketing

Dynamics 365 places marketing functions at the heart of its operations.  Marketing professionals access the full wealth of client data within Dynamics 365 to gain the greatest insight into customer profiles and buying habits. Campaigns can be managed from initial viability reviews, through planning, budgeting, targeting and distribution of the message.

Email marketing is made easy with native integration with the incredibly powerful ClickDimensions platform. Rich, dynamic and personalised email messages can be sent to prospects with full analysis of opens, clicks and bounces. Activity on your websites is tracked, including tying this back to the originating customer, ensuring your sales people and marketers are targeting prospects with an informed, intelligent conversation. Additional functionality including automated lead scoring, social listening, nurture marketing, customer surveys and event management are all integrated into one single, easy to use, solution.

Comprehensive real time reporting allows detailed analysis on the success or otherwise of each campaign, ensuring that you have the knowledge to tailor future campaigns and target your audience for the maximum possible impact.

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Benefits Of Using Dynamics 365 For Marketing

  • Import, create, segment and deploy multi-wave marketing campaigns in minutes.
  • Use the wealth of your customer data to rapidly profile your customers to ensure each marketing message sent is relevant to the recipient.
  • Utilise detailed management information to drive continued improvement of marketing and alignment with sales activities.
  • Automate the distribution of email, letter, fax and SMS marketing, whilst interacting with and gaining insight through social marketing channels.
  • Win back time to be creative, whilst Dynamics supports the minutiae of campaign management and analysis.

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