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Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Service

With native integration to the technologies you already use, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures you have the information and tools you require to concentrate on achieving the highest levels of customer service. Customisable workflows allow you and your team to focus efforts in an informed manner, supporting collaboration and resolving those cases that require the most immediate attention first.

Automation of common tasks and easy access to organisation service knowledge releases you to concentrate on delighting customers whilst structured processes provide consistency of approach and adherence to customer specific contracts and SLAs.

Unified experienceOmnichannel engagement

The in-built service management and scheduling engine ensures the greatest customer satisfaction is achieved with the resources you have available. Full visibility of scheduled activities, cases and issues at different levels is provided, ensuring high levels of engagement with the customer. Connecting to other applications, such as web portals, point of contact mobile applications and your key systems, provides you with new ways to interact with your customer.

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Benefits Of Using Dynamics 365 For Customer Service

  • Collaborate to build and share a centralised directory of company know how, best practices and solutions to provide a consistent customer experience.
  • Automate case assignment, queuing and routing so that cases are resolved quickly by the right teams whilst meeting your customer SLA’s.
  • Streamline business processes and customise data collection to ensure consistency of service delivery, whilst automating common tasks to improve efficiency.
  • Simplify collaboration on support issues across your organisation, share documents and schedule activities to improve customer communication.
  • Schedule services so that required resources including support staff, engineers, tools, vehicles, rooms, etc, are brought together at the right time and place based on customer preferences.

By using Microsoft Dynamics to focus on your customers we can help you achieve consistency and loyalty, make your agents jobs easier and improve customer satisfaction.  This is possible through the appropriate use of the following features and approaches.

  • Omni-channel engagement
  • Self service
  • Unified experience
  • A single knowledge base
  • Built in digital intelligence and insights

Our customer service solution has short configuration cycles, has a reasonable cost structure and delivers the flexibility you need to delight your customers.


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